Tango-Jazz Concert & Media Art Exhibit @ Gallery in Soho
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Tango-Jazz Concert & Media Art Exhibit @ Gallery in Soho
Jun 29  6:00pm - 10:00pm
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Music and Art experienced together surprise and amuse.

Exquisite sophistication of French art photography appreciated under the music by Grammy winning accordion virtuoso Victor Prieto, with Pauline Jean accompanied by the Yaacov Mayman Band will do more. It will leave an impression that you have been subjected to something very modern and current. Unque. Cutting Edge.

Experience that for yourself by attending to the Grammy Tango-Jazz Concert and Art Exhibition at the Yellow Korner Gallery in Soho.

You are in for a number of treats - a beautiful gallery of modern digital, media, and photography art master-peaces, a chance to mingle and meet new like minded and cool people, and a great concert. And to enhance all of the above alcohol and snacks will be provided.

So, come and be prepared to discuss the psycho-philosophical appeal of modern media art on the 21st century pop-culture with like-minded strangers and friends.

6pm - 7pm Cocktail hour, gallery exhibition review, chance to meet new people

7pm - 7:40pm - Lecture by Stephane Brenot, curator of the Yellow Korner Gallery : "Media Art - the new hirizon in art history"

7:40pm - 9pm - Tango Jazz concert by Gammy nominated Victor Prieta, Pauline Jean and the Yaacov Mayman Band.

9pm-10pm - After party reception

Price: $35
Buy Tickets: http://lotuseo.com/event.htm 

Address: Yellow Korner Gallery in Soho NY
100 Wooster Street NY NY

This even will satisfy even the most exquisite and sophisticated tastes in art and music. Don't miss it! Look forward to see you there!

Drinks and snacks are included. Questions: call 917-403-8202