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Guide to Russian Bath (Banya) in NYC

Guide to Russian Bath (Banya) -- read information about Russian banya, its history, traditions; accessories necessary for bath and banya locations in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens.

  • About Russian Bath (Banya) & Sauna

    About Russian Bath (Banya) & Sauna

    Bath (Banya) for the Russian people is more than just personal hygiene. I think it will not be exaggeration iif I say that Bath - an integral part of the philosophy of the Russian soul, and Russian bath is a matter of national pride! And no wonder: what could be pleasant and warm then hot Russian bathhouse among the endless now-covered Russian expanses, and frost? Peculiarities of the Russian bath...

  • History of Russian Bath (Banya)

    History of Russian Bath (Banya)

    The history of saunas goes into far antiquity. The first mention of a bath associated with the Egyptians, who have  emphasized  great importance to clean the body and used the bath for over 6,000 years. Widespread use of bath allowed the Egyptians to maintain their health, keep slim shapes and decelerate the aging process. Egyptian healers, reputed to be among the best in the world, had used very ...

  • Accessories for the Russian Bath

    Accessories for the Russian Bath

    To make your stay in the steam room more comfortable, you'll need the accessories. Try to understand what distinguishes Russian bath accessories and what they are used for.

  • Russian Baths in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

    Russian Baths in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

    Not all of us can afford the luxury of traveling to Eastern Europe for a few glorious bathing sessions. Thankfully, we can enjoy all that the Russian Baths have to offer right here in our very own New York: New York City, Brooklyn, Queens. 



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