Art Expo New York 2014 - Russian Mix

Art Expo New York 2014

Art Expo is always an anticipated grand event of the year. Pier 94 is a perfect New York setting for this colorful Spring gathering of global talent. A kaleidoscope of local and world renowned artists does not disappoint and surprises gasping visitors over and over again. Each talent gets plenty of long awaited admiration and exposure. This year’s show was filled with familiar extravagance of diverse artistic styles; from classical to impressionism, modern to abstract, and beyond. Lots of creative three dimensional pieces like Michael Cuomo’s sculptures ( made from unexpected materials including recycled toys or everyday objects. A wall of red roses titled “Scent of Love” by evoked a scene from a steamy romance novel. Barbara Tyler Ahlfield presented her Pose Series of models in exquisite gowns and had the crowds in the palm of her hand.


Several inspired painters delighted the viewers with incredibly realistic masterpieces worthy of museum walls. Whimsical paintings displayed abstract messages within playful silhouettes. Realistic flower arrangements by several accomplished and aspiring talents graced the walls of the Manhattan venue. Larisa Psaryova of Russia displayed her lifelike floral still-life compositions. One could almost smell the aroma of peonies and roses.

A few unique works by photographers caught my eye. A collection of frozen flowers by Zinchik ( was very appropriate for this unusually cold season. Stunning images by Jordan Matter ( gracefully displayed colorfully dressed dancers in unlikely scenes.

Artists are known for their inventiveness. This year’s favorite of mine was Peter W. Hart ( I was delighted by this artist’s use of rice, pasta and glitter together with acrylic paint. These materials together created textures and various 3D effects on brightly colored canvases. Another showstopper was the holographic collection by a Japanese artist. The viewer was almost afraid to step closer to this virtual Rabbit hole, although it was fun to imagine these creations in your own home.

Carlos & Albert’s 2013 collection of amusing animal sculptures was a pure delight and drew crowds of visitors eager to pose next to these loveable creatures (

Altogether the show was stimulating for anyone’s imagination and definitely guaranteed a welcome flow of endorphins to ignite a creative flame.

Diana Sorkin
Author: Diana Sorkin
Diana Sorkin is an award winning New York artist , a graduate of Pratt. She is known for her whimsical Nurseries and elegant Decorative Finishes. A True Master of design and visual communication.


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