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"LOVE ME, NY" Novel by Olya Schechter

There have been many anecdotes about local “high society” socialites of the city. But there have not been many stories about Russian socialites of Manhattan. On the surface they are similar in many ways: glamorous life style, designer clothes and wealthy boyfriends. But in reality there are many veiled secrets that separate one from another. Sacrifices bigger then life itself are hidden behind the pretty façade of an alluring lifestyle of a Russian “glamour” girl. Olya Schechter is not the one to hide the truth. In a colorful and satirical tale LOVE ME, NY she writes about three Russian girls climbing up the social latter of Manhattan. The novel is full of charming sarcasm mixed with real feelings and blinding love.

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A perfect synthesis of beauty and intellect defines Olya Schechter. A modern princess, as many call her, was born in Moscow into a family of diplomats. She traveled intensely throughout her childhood until the age of 16 when she arrived to New York. A perfumed diary has always been her best friend. Full of colorful observations and humorous short stories it captured Olya’s experiences throughout her years in the U.S. “The moment is wasted if no one captured it. Life is too precious to waist,” says Mrs. Schechter. Olya has always been fascinated by the life stories of Russian immigrants in New York. Her first book LOVE ME, NY inspired by many friends and acquaintances represents a fictional world of Russian women in Manhattan.

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