New York Home Design Show at Pier 94 - Russian Mix

New York Home Design Show at Pier 94

New York Home Design Show

Arrival of spring marks the beginning of home remodeling and renovation season as well. Architectural Digest Home Design Show hosted at Pier 94 is always a wonderful resource for New Yorkers and visitors. Designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts eagerly rush to this event looking to be surprised, amazed and entertained.

This show makes everyone feel like a kid in a candy store. The first portion of the show is generously devoted to the craftsmen and artisans. You can find unique works of art and on-of a kind installation pieces for any style of interior. Artists and sculptors explore a multitude of materials such as glass, mirror, metal, feathers, ceramics, wood as well as metal for their creations. My favorites for two years in a row are contemporary glass creations by Abby Modell and three dimensional feather pieces by Catherine Larson. Several furniture makers showcased their functional pieces made of salvaged wood which was masterfully crafted, stained and even inlaid with glass and stone. Whimsical veneered pieces turned out to be beautiful and comfortable as well. I really enjoyed the velvet chairs and plush interior design by KOKET. A black velvet custom chair with gold laced back caught my eye as well. The light fixtures stole the show surprising the viewers with shapes and materials. Some were created with hand-blown colored glass while others combined unlikely materials such as plumbing pipes and crystals by Michael McHale Designs, chicken wire and rice paper by Patrick Weder Design. Regardless of designer’s choice of materials the effect was stunning. Some three dimensional wall installations took your breath away. The artist Heather Kocsis was able to create perspective and depth, using ordinary objects but utilizing dramatic vantage points. Many Russian speaking artists and designers took part in this exciting event. I had the pleasure of exchanging compliments and websites with several of them.

The second portion of the exhibit showcased a sophisticated variety of kitchens from various European makers. These appliances can fry, roast, toast, grill and probably entertain the pickiest of chefs. The TopBrewer Scanomat from Denmark drew all the crowds with the intoxicating aroma of custom brewed coffee. This $11,000.00 miracle will customize and pour you a cup of Joe with an I-phone app.

The last part of the show took the visitors to a magical wonderland of top designers who created enchanting dining rooms in their unique styles. These visionaries played with color, texture and perspective to surprise and entertain. Cascading walls of flowers, mirrored screens, hand painted backdrops took you on a multifaceted, multicultural journey. Feeling like Alice in wonderland I strolled through these spaces looking for various design pieces and elements to borrow for my own summer entertainment. These rooms were created to raise funds and awareness for the AIDS virus.

Altogether, this event is always a real treat and a memorable experience to treasure for the rest of the year.

Diana Sorkin
Author: Diana Sorkin
Diana Sorkin is an award winning New York artist , a graduate of Pratt. She is known for her whimsical Nurseries and elegant Decorative Finishes. A True Master of design and visual communication.


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