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Virtuoso Alex Fox!

Alex Fox’s musical journey began in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He quickly mastered piano and moved onto the classical guitar. Even at an early age Alex received scholarships and recognition. As he matured into a professional musician, his musical style emerged as an eclectic mix of Flamenco and Latin Jazz with notes of Mediterranean flavor.

Alex Fox moved to the US in 1984 and settled in sunny Miami Beach, where he performs to this day. He has a vast audience of faithful admirers. His virtuoso performances are igniting yet soothing to the soul. He wows the crowd with a wide variety of Latin American, Flamenco and pop favorites. His magical fingers seamlessly fly over strings, producing striking fireworks of Gypsy Kings style arrangements.

Over the years Alex Fox performed with many world acclaimed artists such as Tito Puente, Julio Iglesias, and many others. His music also captured the attention of many political leaders and dignitaries including Bill Clinton, the President of Lebanon, the President of Turkey, Italian designer Versace, and Prince Rainier of Monaco. He has added brilliance and flavor to many arrangements on the best stages as well as in recording studios. His passion for life is obvious and is a bright presence in every performance. Yet there is something absolutely unique about Alex and his music. Alex Fox is a man of grand talent and a big heart. Besides having a tremendous musical following, he is a tireless supporter for the Cancer Foundation, Save the Children Foundation in South Florida.

If you ever hear him play, you will feel his energy and it will forever capture your heart.

Diana Sorkin
Author: Diana Sorkin
Diana Sorkin is an award winning New York artist , a graduate of Pratt. She is known for her whimsical Nurseries and elegant Decorative Finishes. A True Master of design and visual communication.


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