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RussianMix is an online resource on the social dynamic life of young Russian-speaking people in America. Our focus is to provide access to relevant experiences for a community of like-minded individuals.

We are:

  • Connection – building an online and offline social network that helps maintain and expand our community
  • Events & Tickets – providing knowledge and information about latest events in your city. Post & promote your events. 
  • Guides & Reviews – for travelers and native city dwellers alike, a guide to bars, restaurants and our favorite spots where ‘comrades’ can be found 

  • New Beginning & Past Story

    New Beginning: 

    More than 12 years ago (in 2003), a group of young Russian New Yorkers organized to become cultural influencers and trendsetters. In 2014 we started a new chapter. Since we know a thing or two about what a good event is, we’d like to share the knowledge. RussianMix seeks out and publicizes events that are interesting and relevant to our community. On our site you can see what’s happening that is of interest to YOU rather than spend time sifting through your friends’ Facebook events; you can get your tickets to concerts and festivals – all in one place; and you can connect to those who share similar interests. 

  • For Event Organizers

    All of your event and promotional opportunities are now in one place. Post your event (it is FREE) in one easy step and Chose a promotion package that works for you.

  • Contribute Articles invites writers to contribute content (guides, reviews, city itineraries) and share their expertise with a like-minded Russian-speaking audience in America. We value, above all, your unique insights and expertise.

    As a contributor, you'll attract more visibility, and people learn more about you and your organization, programs & events. All your articles will feature:

    your author's picture
    short bio
    link to your website & social profiles

  • Advertise with us

    Any business interested in reaching the young professional audience living in America should consider getting their name out there through

Contribute content

We currently invite writers to contribute content and share their expertise with a like-minded Russian-speaking audience in america.

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