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Сан-Франциско русская афиша: концерты, билеты, театр...

The best things to do in San Francisco, CA - Russian Concerts, Parties, Shows, Theater, Arts, Ballet, Event Tickets, attractions and tours, free activities and entertainment including Russian San Francisco Highlights and Itinerary: A day in San Francisco. Here is our Calendar of Upcoming Russian San Francisco Events and what’s on in Russian San Francisco today:

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Russian San Francisco: Places to Visit & Things To Do
San Francisco, nowadays a shining jewel of the American Pacific Coast, was founded by the Spaniards on the land that belonged to Yelamu Indians. And yet, town’s early history, as well as the history of the entire Northern California, is closely associated with that of Russia - or rather of Russian settlers. Read More...

Itinerary: A day in San Francisco - Temples, Vistas, and Cable Cars!
Few first-time visitors realize how small, compared to some other major cities, San Francisco is. In fact, at less than 850,000 population, the city is just fourth largest in California and only 14th nationwide. Moreover, its total land area is just 121 sq kilometers. With this in mind, it is easy to see that San Francisco, despite all its famous hills, is easily manageable and great place to travel by foot. But when going does get tough, San Francisco’s historic train systems (yes, there are more than one!) are there to help! Read More...

About Russian San Francisco:

Russians in Bay Area. Bay Area, a magnificent part of Northern California that includes magical city of San Francisco as well as its environs, has, according to the latest reports, a population of over 7 million people. Among those, there are 75,000 Russian speaking residents. The cultural background of these people is diverse and reflects traits of traditions common to the various regions of the former USSR they arrived from. Among other things, this diversity is manifested in ethnic (Russian, Central Asian, Caucasian) cuisine being served in various restaurants that members of this social group own - or, in our case, frequent! - particularly, in Outer Richmond district of San Francisco where the older generation of our diaspora tends to live.


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