NY Gypsy Dance Workout with Julia Kulakova's Video

NY Gypsy Dance Workout with Julia Kulakova's Video

Uploaded By: Julia Kulakova . Category: General . Added on: 08 February 2012.
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News: On January 1st , 2012 you can dance and exercise with Julia Kulakova at her presentation of NY Gypsy Dance Workout at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at W76th at 12.45pm .
Step into a world of vibrant and sensual movement that enhance the physique, slim the waist line, firm the hips and stomach and tone the arms and back.
Benefit from combined expertise of an accomplished Russian dancer, fitness professional and yoga therapist Julia Kulakova.
This custom designed open-level dance class incorporates moves from Gypsy dances of India, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Russia and Balkans, all set to exhilarating rhythms.
Each class starts with a review of the basic technique followed by a lot of fun!
To find out where you can take NY Gypsy Dance Workout in a group or privately
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