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  • Gene Pritsker

    Gene Pritsker

    CD Release concert confirmed at Drom on My 23rd

    Composers Concordance Records celebrates its May 2013 release of Gene Pritsker's new album:
    'Samplestra', an album of the Electro - Acoustic music.
    at DROM NYC

    The concert will feature performances by:
    Edmundo Ramirez - Viola D'amour,
    Franz Hackl- trumpet,
    Michiyo Suzuki - clarinet,
    Margaret Lancaster - flute,
    Cesare Papetti - percussion,
    Borislav Strulev - cello,
    Greg Baker - guitar,
    Lynn Bechtold - violin,
    John Clark - horn

    website coming soon - mark your calendars should be a killa' show!
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