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Feel The Thrill Of NYC with Passion Airplane Tours

Feel The Thrill Of NYC with Passion Airplane Tours

In New York City, there is so much to see. It is a special feeling to see it from the sky. Passion Airplane Tours NYC allow you to see the city from above. The spectacular sights of the NYC skyline are all part of the wonderful experience you will receive in an airplane tour that will take you to the special points of interests in NYC. There are three different types of tours you can take with Passion Airplane Tours of NYC. They are the Standard, the Extended and the Special Tours.

Standard Airplane Tour

With Passion Airplane Tours, the Standard Tour lasts 30 minutes. You will be able to see wonderful sights like the Statute of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, Central Park and other great scenes of the Manhattan skyline. From high up in the sky, you will sit in comfortable planes with a pilot that will give you detailed information about the area. It is such a wonderful way to spend some time in NYC.

Extended Airplane Tour

Taking an Extended Tour will give you the Standard Tour plus a lot more. It will last 45 minutes. On this fantastic tour, you will see Coney Island Amusement Park and Prospect Park In Brooklyn. You will also fly over these sights, the Downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, Brooklyn Navy Yard and spectacular views of NYC skylines from the East Side. You will also receive a complimentary bottle of champagne on the tour.

Special Airplane Tours

There are several types of special airplane tours that Passion Airplane Tours offer. You can celebrate your special day with a Birthday Tour. When you want to get engaged, you can use the Proposal Tour. There is also an Aerial Photography Tour where you will be able to get the pictures of your dreams. And our favorite: Night Flight Tours NYC -- see unforgettable New York City lights at night! Schedule your very own Special Tour to create memories like never before.

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Contact PASSION AIRPLANE TOURS NYC to schedule your tour of choice. You will enjoy all the wonderful aspects of the tours, and most likely, want to take them again.


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