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Top 3 Resources to Guide Your Hunt for the Best Summer Camps in 2017

Every year parents and children look forward to summer camping opportunities. Camp directors recognize the importance of offering camps that are both fun and educational. Parents appreciate knowing the money they spend on a summer camp is going to benefit their child in multiple ways.

There are popular trends for summer camps in 2017. One of the most sought after camps is a specialty camp. These camps help develop skills such as: writing, math, aquatics, cooking, baking, creative thinking, dance, and more.

The internet can be an important tool to help parents find the best summer camps for their children. Online resources help search for the best camps by topic, interest, hobby or dates. This makes it easy to match up a camp with a particular interest and/or week. Online resources help adults find summer camps for their children. It also makes selecting the right camp easier than ever.

One such online resource is site – it is a camp wizard. This site is like having a guidance counselor direct you to the most appropriate camping opportunity for your child. It uses the latest in technology to search for summer camps that match your child’s interest. Simply login with Facebook and it will use your information to locate and recommend camps that are close in proximity to where you live. An additional feature with this site is it offers special camp news feed so you know of any changes or additions that are taking place at that particular camp. This helps parents feel safer about their child being away from home.

A second resource is site. This resource allows a platform by which parents and camp professionals are able to communicate. This provides an opportunity for parents to ensure their child is getting the type of experience they hoped for. Camp staff can provide updates and help cater your child’s experience to meet your expectations. An additional bonus of this site is a free directory of USA summer camps with detailed descriptions of what they offer. Once a parent narrows down their camp searches, this site allows you to compare and contrast up to 4 camps side by side. This helps you make the final determination.

Finally, the 3rd resource is site. This site offers a directory service to locate different types of Day Camps. What makes this site useful is parents can find day camp opportunities throughout the summer. Their children can learn new skills in a variety of different areas. This also helps develop social skills as your child will meet many other kids with similar interests as theirs. It will give children something to look forward to all summer long.

It is never too early to begin looking for summer camps. In fact, the sooner parents make reservations for the 2017 summer camping season the better. Planning early guarantees your child will have a reservation for the camps that will benefit them the most.


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