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About Russian Bath (Banya) & Sauna

Bath (Banya) for the Russian people is more than just personal hygiene. I think it will not be exaggeration iif I say that Bath - an integral part of the philosophy of the Russian soul, and Russian bath is a matter of national pride! And no wonder: what could be pleasant and warm then hot Russian bathhouse among the endless now-covered Russian expanses, and frost? Peculiarities of the Russian bath are due to climatic conditions of our country and traditions of our ancestors.  

Russian sauna is one of the few places where it's possible to clean up not only the body but the soul. To make your visit to the baths pleasurable, you need to know and abide by the rules, formed and perfected for many centuries, to be precise - for the millennia. And it's a good reason to learn all the peculiarities of the Russian baths.

The main active factor in the Russian bath is steam. Actually going tothe  bath means going to a steam room.  

Bath is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins! If we significantly increase perspiration, hence get out emissions harmful substances and at the same time replenish our body with absolutely pure water, then all our body fluids (blood, lymph, cellular fluid) will become much cleaner.

Russian bath is even more than health care and a pleasant spending time - it's a way of life. The sauna is very nice place to find like-minded people and talk about unconstrained topics that contribute to the relaxing effect of bath -- this in combination with steam, oils, fragrances, good broom, massage broom and herbal tea will create a truly blissful environment that will help forget about all the problems and difficulties. After the baths you will feel born again! If you feel the all the charm of baths, you will unlikely to remain uninspired to it in the future!


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