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Accessories for the Russian Bath

Accessories for the Russian Bath

To make your stay in the steam room more comfortable, you'll need the accessories. Try to understand what distinguishes Russian bath accessories and what they are used for.

Broom (Venik). This tool has a special status. In view of its importance broom will be dedicate a separate page.

Cap. This bath accessory is designed to protect your hair and head from the effects of hot steam and heat. In addition it's an element of style in the steam room, and therefore represented with a wide range of various budenovok, hats, caps, baseball caps and other incredible and bizarre forms.

Slippers. Mandatory accessory in the bath and argument on the two points: personal hygiene (the fungus does not sleep) and high surface temperatures in the steam room. Slippers for a bath can be divided into two types: Felt - suitable for dry steam in its own bath, and slippers made of thick material - suitable for damp pair and public baths. It is recommended to use the slipper made of natural materials.

Mittens. Anyone who likes it hot in bath-house knows how hot steam burns your hands when mashesh broom -- here come mittens to the rescue, which are mainly made of felt and can protect you from the very high temperatures and steam. And apart from a broom, used to handle pitcher, basin, which maybe very hot.

Tumblers. Bath helps to relax both mind and body, so this place is even more suitable for a massage thus tumblers come to place. A massage can have a variety of physiological effects on the body. It depends on the purpose, and accordingly, and the type of massage chosen. These are 4 basic types of massage: wellness, sports, medical and cosmetic.

Tub and scoop. As you know, a bath tub is used as a receptacle for water. Tubs for baths are made from linden wood, or other timber. Tubs are oval or round shape. Scoop is designed to throw the water and mix different infusions on the stove to generate steam.


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